Class:MFA Illustration 2022

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Fall Semester

Week 1 - Introduction, First Contact & Gear
(Discussion, Foundation, Core Concepts)
Week 2 - Intro to Gear & How we work
(Trying New Things, Basics)
Week 3 - 1st Assignment Review, Intro Scanning & Coloring in Photoshop
(Camera Phone Scans, Flatbeds, Histograms)
Week 4 - 2nd Assignment Review, Coloring in Ps Part 2
(Levels, Channels, Layers)
Week 5 - Photoshop, Composites & Smart Objects
(Deeper, Flexible Compositions)
Week 6 - Tiny Town Composite Review, Animation Overview & Assignment
(Motion, Tween, Add Frame)
Week 7 - Animation Review & Full Bleed Digital Illustration Tips
(Timeline, Trim, PDF)
Week 8 - Adobe Fresco Guest, Mobile Capture, Tablet Assignment
(Pixel, Live, Vector)
Week 9 - Fresco Illustration Review & Brilliant Print Assignment
(Tablet Things, Checking Colors, Printing Things)
Week 10 - InkJet Printing Review
(Color Accuracy, Quality Paper, ICC Profiles)
Week 11 - Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
(Pages Panel, Pencil Tool, Bézier Curves)
Week 12 - Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Together
(Smart Object, Flat Shapes, Lovely Textures)
Week 13 - Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop Project Review & Augmented Reality
(Objects, Points, Finding Surfaces)
Week 14 - Augmented Reality Project Review
(Place, Animate, Share)

Spring Semester

Week 1 - Discussion
(Web, Identity, Discussion)
Week 2 - Self Promo Kick-off Archive Share-out & Postcard Assignment
(Hierarchy, Typefaces, Personality)