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Your email address says a lot about you, and how 'control' you have over your online identity/presence. If you don't believe us, you can ask The Oatmeal.

You should be sending and receiving email from your domain address, not a gmail account.

Selecting Your Email Address

It's sometimes tricky to pick your actual email address if your domain happens to include your full name. If you have a domain that is something like, popular email addresses are:


Additionally most email hosting providers allow each user to have an endless number of 'nicknames' so you could technically receive email via all of the above options.

Once you have your real domain email address established, you can forward your other email accounts there. This way you have one email account, you get ALL your email and gracefully, over time, all your contacts will switch to your new email address.

Email Hosting Solutions Listing

  • Google Hosted Applications
    • Pretty much the best email experience you could ask for.
    • Email, calendars and Google docs per user.
    • 99.95% guaranteed up time, great customer support, lots of documentation.
    • Best anti-spam filtering available.
    • Fast access, mobile support.
    • $5 a month per user.
  • If you are already paying Godaddy for Email Hosting, you can probably continue to use that.
    • Should be ok, they have webmail and fairly good support.
    • Not free, either part of your package or a paid extra.
  • Smaller hosing companies do offer Email Hosting as part of their packages, but you need to be careful:
    • Small web hosting packages can be wonky.
    • Make sure that they are offering a secure service.
    • Usually part of your paid hosting plan (if you have one).