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The Principles of Design

Typography & Font Success

Like all disciplines, typography is a skill with fundamental learnings that can be mastered with time and practice. I have assembled some links and thoughts for you here:

Key Typography Tips

  1. Visual Hierarchy
    • Have content that looks aesthetically pleasing! Key information (your name, title, chapter) should be larger than supporting text or items. Make sure that there is enough white space.
  2. Don't just shop for a font, instead look for typeface pairings!
  3. Don't go crazy
  4. Adjust Your Kerning
    • Kerning refers to the spacing between letters. You can adjust the kerning in many Adobe tools. In some cases, you may want to bring letters closer together or space them farther apart to add impact. Do this carefully, legibility can break down quickly if you space out words too much. Without proper kerning, your typography may come across as unprofessional or odd.
  5. Pick an Alignment & Stick To It!