Class:MFA Illustration 2020

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Fall Semester

Week 1 - Introduction, First Contact & Gear
(Discussion, Foundation, Core Concepts)
Week 2 - Intro to Gear & How we work
(Trying New Things, Basics)
Week 3 - 1st Assignment Review, Intro Scanning & Coloring in Photoshop
(Camera Phone Scans, Flatbeds, Histograms)
Week 4 - Scan Shadow Review, Coloring in Ps Part 2, Ps Animation Intro
(Levels, Channels, Layers)
Week 5 - Scan Composite Fall Review, Photoshop Techniques, Intro to iPad and Adobe Fresco
(Selections, Pixel Brush, Live Brush)
Week 6 - Adobe Fresco Guest, Photoshop Smart Objects, Layers & Clipping Masks
(Demo, Mask, Clip)
Week 7 - Election Composite Review, Photoshop Actions, More Ps Animation Stuff
(Vote, New Action, Add Frame)
Week 8 - Tiny Town Ps Animation Project Review, Ps Animation Stuff, Best Practices for Working Digitally
(Add Frame, Tween, Rotate)
Week 9 - Ps Animation 2nd Project Review, Ps Compression, Quick Intro to Illustrator
(Animate, Compress, Vectorize)
Week 10 - Adobe Illustrator Project Review & Techniques Part A
(Objects, Points, Bézier Curves)
Week 11 - Adobe Illustrator Project Review & Techniques Part B
(Texture, Gradients, Brushes Intro)
Week 12 - Adobe Illustrator Project Review & Brush creation in Ps, Ai & Capture
(Shape, Dynamics, Scattering)
Week 13 - Custom Brushes Project Review & Intro to 3D and Augmented Reality tools
(Strokes, Dimension, Break)

Spring Semester

Week 1 - Adobe Dimension & Augmented Reality with Adobe Aero
(X, Y, Zee)
Week 2 - 3D & Augmented Reality Project Review
(Anchor, Substance, Behavior)
Week 3 - 3D & Augmented Reality Guest Speakers and Review 2
(Erin, Review, Kim)
Week 4 - Introduction to Personal Identity & Brand Design
(Hierarchy, Typefaces, Personality)
Week 5 - Personal Identity Review & Postcard Share
(Design, Print, Revise, Print, Trim)
Week 6 - Postcard Design Review & Business Card Share
(Connect, Exchange, Follow)
Week 7 - Business Card Design Review & Email Account Setup
(full-color, Letterpress, UV glossy coat)
Week 8 - Business Card & Postcard Design Update Review
(nice type, solid bleed, uniform design)
Week 9 - Personal Identity Final Review & Intro to Web Stuff
(stickers, buttons, posters)
Week 10 - Website Project Kickoff & Discussion
(Themes, Navigation, Identity)
Week 11 - Website Project Working Review 01
(Branding, Project Hierarchy, Mobile view)
Week 12 - Website Project Working Review 02 & Kyle Visit
(Production, Taxonomy, About you)
Week 13 - Website Project Working Review 03, Newsletter & Analytics
(Polish, Audience, Acquisition)